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High Quality, Research-Based Implementation of RTI

Key Components of Any RTI Model This section will provided information about what high quality implementation of RTI that is founded in research on what works for improving student outcomes should look like. Even though some key components of RTI should be included in any approach to RTI, each district’s and even school’s implementation of RTI will differ based on the students, needs, and resources available. The following components must be implemented at the school level for RTI to be successful in improving outcomes for students. The state of Nebraska has developed Essential Elements that will be used when reviewing and providing feedback on school plans for the use of RTI for verification decisions. If the research-based key components described below are addressed and implemented, schools will have addressed these Essential Elements.
  • Team leadership and schoolwide buy-in.
  • Tiered-model/ continuum of instructional supports
  • Scientifically based instruction and intervention implemented with fidelity
  • Technically sound and appropriate assessments used to make instructional decisions
  • Problem solving approach to making schoolwide and individual child decisions with planned decision rules


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