Training Calendar
Individual Student Problem Solving (ISPS)-Norfolk   
Date Description:
January 17, 2018
Start Time:
09:00 AM
End Time:
3:00 PM
Holiday Inn Express Conference Room - Norfolk, NE
Norfolk, NE
Description: This session will provide information to assist participants in setting up a process for problem solving at the individual student level. Participants will learn what data are necessary for effective problem solving and will provide information options for intensifying intervention, and how to use the data through a systematic process to plan for intensifying interventions. Presenters will use case examples to walk participants through the ISPS process and provide participants with an opportunity to walk through the problem solving process with additional student case examples and/or data from a student in their own school. Target Audience: District/School MTSS Leadership Team including Administrator; Curriculum & Assessment Coordinator(s); SpEd; Title I; Coaches; Lead Interventionists